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Yantian Port Group Conducts Training on Business Management

        To better cope with changes in the macroeconomic environment, strengthen the interpretation of relevant laws and regulations, and improve business management, Yantian Port Group carried out a special training on business management from October 11th to 13th. Tong Yaming, Chairman of the Group, and Liu Nan’an, President of the Group, Ye Zhongxiao, Vice President of the Group, department heads, responsible persons of holding companies and related business personnel attended the training.


    At the beginning of the training, Ye Zhongxiao summarized the Group’s business conditions in the first three quarters of this year and put forward requirements for the work of next stage. He pointed out that the arduous tasks make it time-intensive to complete this year’s work. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve business management and the overall quality of managers. The only way to recognize and solve problems is to constantly learn new things, enhance personal skills, and broaden horizons.


        As the reform of state-owned enterprises has been deepened in recent years, the blueprint for the construction of “Major Port” of Yantian Port Group becomes clearer. Facing the ever-changing economy and trade both at home and abroad, the Group must respond to new situations, problems and challenges in the management and development. We invited Deng Guangda, the vice president of Shenzhen Law Branch of Fudan University; Chen Jian, the professor of the School of Economics of Renmin University of China; and Professor Yang Changbin, the director of the Economic & Statistical Research Center of Shenzhen Research Institute of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, to give lectures respectively about legal risks for port enterprises under the anti-monopoly law, analysis of China's current macroeconomic situation, and application and management of statistical surveys.



        The participants said that they have learned new knowledge and acquired relevant information through this training, which can help them make innovations in future business management. They also expressed their gratitude to the Group for providing such an opportunity and gave high praises to the lecturers and curriculum settings.