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YTP Discipline Inspection Commission Organizes Cadres to Visit Shenzhen Prison for Warnings

       To carry out the activity of “Discipline Education Learning Month2018”, strengthen cadres’ awareness of honesty and responsibility and create a clean and upright atmosphere, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Yantian Port Group (YTP) organized cadres to Shenzhen Prison for warnings on October 16. More than 60 people including Xu Ning, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors; Wang Peihang, Deputy Party Secretary; Qiao Hongwei, Vice General Manager of YTP; Li Qun, Deputy Director of the Command Center of Port Construction; Xiao Mingjun, Chief Engineer; Chen Biao, Secretary of the Board of Directors; heads of departments and offices of YTP, and heads of holding companies and associate companies participated in this activity.



                                                                                                     Watching videos about prisoners’ experience


       Accompanied by the prison police, the participants toured around prisoners’ cells, activity rooms and canteens. They saw on-site prisoners’ living, working and study conditions. They also listened to the introduction of the prison’s infrastructure construction and development process. Then, the prison officer gave a lecture on honesty in performing one’s work. By taking real cases as examples, the officer listed many consequences of crimes such as losing freedom, lacking privacy and bringing deep disasters and endless suffering to the family. Therefore, cadres must always maintain integrity and self-discipline and strengthen their awareness of anti-corruption.


                                                                                                         Group photo of the participants

       Visitors were also gathered to watch the warning education video about the former director of a police station in Shanwei City committing crimes, which sounded the alarm for every cadres on the spot. After on-site visit, visitors said that this tour had shocked their souls. They were also awakened when visiting the prison and listening to prisoners’ repentance. Therefore, Party members and cadres must take the party discipline and state law as an “high-voltage line”, build a strong ideological line of defense and abide by the law in action. They must have fears from heart and speak and act in a cautious manner.